At Feed A Friend, we believe donations can change our community. We want to put an end to hunger in Canada, starting from our beautiful city of Ottawa.

Why would I become a Feed A Friend Donor? Because you're sick of seeing food go to waste. Because you want to do something good, and do it fast.

Who can donate: Any group or individual that gives food to us - companies that order food often for team meetings, large parties or corporate meetings, conferences, restaurants, catering companies, grocery stores, farms, weddings, you name it. 

Areas of operations: The greater Ottawa area

What is the cost: We suggest the amount that a business pay us, based on its size, distance, and duration of the pickup. We have a minimum $25 fee for standard business pick-up, with price packages that can differ depending upon delivery volume, time and premium features such as packaging.

Ready to help?

If you want to become a donor, you can request a pickup. Make sure we have your address, a phone number and a valid email address. You can always schedule regular pick ups too.

Contact Us:

Text or voice: (613)266-2686