What if a recipient gets sick from a food donation?

We ensure food is donated in good faith and operate within the legally perishable food transport laws - should a delivery go beyond the 2 hour zone, it is no longer in good faith and will not be donated.

How do we protect our Donors?

We protect donors in three ways:

  • Ontario Law: Donation of Food Act, 1994, S.O. 1994, c. 19, protects all donors that donate in good faith to not be held liable.
  • All Donors are kept anonymous, unless requested otherwise.
  • All Recipients sign a 'Hold Harmless Indemnity Agreement', agreeing not to hold any Donors or Feed A Friend liable

Is your website safe? A sharing economy is only as strong as the infrastructure which holds it together, which is why Feed A Friend is so committed to security. We serve our website over HTTPS, enabling your browser to communicate with our server over a secure channel.

How do I know the food donation reached a recipient agency?

We send each Donor an impact report following their donation. This includes details of the recipient agency, and feedback from the recipient agency on how many people benefited from the donation.